• Where is Peach Tree Pottery located?

    We are located in the Mar Vista neighborhood of West LA. We are three blocks west of Centinela Blvd, off of Venice Blvd.

  • What’s the parking situation?

    PTP is located in a residential neighborhood, so there is plenty of free street parking available.

  • I haven’t touched clay since third grade; are your classes appropriate for beginners?

    Yes, we intentionally keep our class sizes small in order to tailor the instruction to each individual student.

  • How do I book a class?

    Feel free to call or text us at (310) 567-2708, or email us at info@peachtreepottery.com.

  • How should I prep for my class?

    Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, trim your nails, wear your hair up if it’s long, and remove jewelry. PTP will provide all the materials you need once you arrive at the studio.

  • Will Patrick Swayze show up during my class?

    Highly likely. PTP is Swayze’s favorite studio to ghost.

  • What types of clay will we be working with? What Cone do you fire your kilns?

    PTP is currently stocked with the following Laguna stoneware clays: B-Mix 5 (grog & non), Speckled Buff, Santa Fe, Red B-Mix, and Electric Brown. Students are encouraged to experiment with the different clay bodies.

    We fire at Cone 5/6, with 35 Laguna and Coyote food safe glazes. That’s A LOT of awesome glaze combinations!

  • Do you sell pottery?

    We do! PTP’s gallery is open during listed class times, and our newest items are featured in our online store. We also host several open houses throughout the year that feature local artists.

  • Is your space available for film, TV, and commercial shoots?

    It is! If you’d like to rent our studio for your shoot, please give us a call at (310) 567-2708 or send an email to info@peachtreepottery.com to discuss rates and availability.